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Thank you very much. :P :)

It’s what i’m here for~! 

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I have no more Sun in Retrograde jokes for you, but I would like to read your take on a Lilith/Pallas Athene conjunction in Taurus in my eighth house, 6 and 7 degrees. I’m a heterosexual male. I experimented when I was younger. That isn’t really uncommon, I think. I’m phlegmatic around people I’m attracted to. I’m also uncomfortable about my being raised to identify with masculinity, which is an inherently violent concept imo. I think it makes men predatory and insecure. Now I’m just rambling.

Assuming this is the Mean Lilith (there are four of them), it represents where you are lured into mystery - which happens to be in the House of mystery, taboo, and sex - conjunct interconnecting ideas and patterns. All in Taurus. My assumption is that you’re very aware of what the “norm” or traditions are, but find it wildly attractive to experiment in the opposite, the taboo.

Whether or not that comes to play in homosexual ways, is dependent on the individual. Gender and Sexual identity and extremely personal, and I avoid making any astrological connections. 

Masculinity is an interesting concept… On one hand, it means be brave, protect, provide - but “back in the day” that meant fighting in wars, killing off threats, hunting down animals, etc. Today, that violence isn’t necessary, which leaves open gaps of - how can that be done, then? If out instincts and training for thousands of years programmed man to behave that way. Much like women; cooking, cleaning, housework, raising/teaching children - it used to be much more demanding and take significantly more time. Now with technology and school and smaller families, she’s available to do more. All of this is upheaval in our society, and will take a loooooot of time to re-program what has been survival instincts in us since… well, since we were primates really. 

(Oops, now I”m ranting too!)

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Hey, Calli! In synastry, my Cancer Mercury square someone’s Aries Moon. Most sources say that Mercury may be too ‘insensitive and overly-objective’ to the Moon person. But, I’m not sure if I should interpret it this way since Cancer Mercury isn’t the most insensitive Mercury placement out of the 12. To me, Cancer Merc. is rather intuitive and knows how to talk to people w/out hurting them. What do you think ? :o

Well, “insensitive” in this sense isn’t “lacking sensitivity” as much as “too consumed by one’s own feelings to consider that of others’” - which can occasionally happen to water placements. 

The way I see it is that it sort of oscillates between the two. Sometimes, Mercurial Cancers will hone in on all the tones someone is voicing, know exactly what they’re really feeling, and how to appropriately respond. Other times, they’ll want to express their own emotions that they may do so passive-aggressively, in an attempt to express themselves without directly hurting the feelings of the other person.

With that Squaring a Lunar Aries, I think both are a real possibility. Sometimes, it’ll feel like the Mercurial Cancer just hones right on - other times, Lunar Aries will feel a bit offended, unable to place their finger on why.

Other placements and personal histories will effect this, of course. :)

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Um, I was wondering if you could help me. So I'm a Leo sun, and typically Leos are really outgoing and everything abut the majority of my chart is made up of more introverted signs, (making me rather shy and introverted) which leads me to my question. There is a guy at my school and I like him but I've barely ever talked to him. He seems like he could be a Virgo or a Pisces, but I don't think I can base anything just off of that considering I'm not really what most would expect of a Leo. For all


(Cont.) I know he could be a Leo as well but have a more introverted chart like myself. How do I figure out how to talk to him or if we’re compatible without completely fucking up? I have a habit of messing up things like this and I just want to know what his sign is so I know how to go about talking to him ;~;


Introversion is a mindset that often is focused on the internal environment - Extroversion is a mindset that often is focused on the external environment. For this reason, Introverts tend to be shy, and Extroverts tend to be outgoing. It’s completely common to be a shy Extrovert or an outgoing introvert. 

It’s also a sliding scale - which means you can have some of the traits associated with Extroversion and some of the traits associated with Introversion. There’s MUCH more to each than just being shy or outgoing.

I love you, and this is totally common in colloquial English, but it’s also a huge pet peeve of mine. xD 

That aside, honestly, don’t worry about how to talk to him. Just try to do it! Spark up a random conversation. “Wow, fishsticks again, woooo” could even work as a conversation starter. :p

And; don’t worry if you’re charts are compatible. Compatibility, in Astrology, gives an insight into the similarities and differences between two individuals - which can be used as a map to understanding any conflicts/fights you encounter, and therefore how to solve them.

Astrological Compatibility should never be seen as a limitation. No relationship will be unable to work based solely on their birth dates. It can help you figure out why there are problems - but not stop love from happening! :)

So, in summation:

Talk to him. Be yourself. Fall in love. It’ll all work out if it’s meant to and if you put in the effort needed!

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I am a woman capricorn sun sign with aquarius moon sign. My ex boyfriend is a gemini sun and i believe he has a taurus moon. I can't seem to shake him and it's been 4 years. I still think about him constantly and i've talked myself into believing that he is my soul mate. Although we ended roughly and we both have had other significant others. We were each others first loves. Do you think he still thinks of me?


I’m sorry love, I really can’t say for sure what goes on inside the mind of a person I’ve never met.

My best guess that that yes, you probably cross his mind - though it may or may not be in the same wistful manner as you think of him. 

Regardless of circumstances, humans often think back to their first love. That person, negatively and positively, subtly or conspicuously, impacts the rest of their relationships.

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Hey so I'm a Virgo female who likes a taurus male, long story short, we started talking a month ago, text and snapchat HEAPS barely talk in person and when we do he always walks and talks never stops properly, barely looks at me when we do talk. Over snapchat he says I'm beautiful, etc. and asks me to come over so we can cuddle, I always say probably. Lately he has barely talked to me, hardly replies etc. although tonight he said I was beautiful and he wanted me to come over. What is going on?!


I don’t know, it seems a bit sketchy. 

I mean, on one hand maybe he’s just shy in person.

On the other hand, maybe he’s trying to start something physical, and after not getting it he’s losing interest?

I don’t really know, love. I highly suggest talking to him straightforward and honestly about it.

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How come when we talk of the planets in our charts, the Earth is not included?



This is a very good question. I’m going to research this and get back to you!

Astrology is about our perspective, from earth and looking up. It’s about where all the planets are relative to us.
Earth is at the center of the natal chart. The ascendant is the stars rising over the horizon, the descendent is the stars setting on the opposite horizon. The midheaven is the point highest on the sky - all from Earth.
The aspects are the angles the planets make to each other - from Earth. If you think of a triangle, two corners are the planets and the third is Earth, and we just measure the distance (in degrees) between the other two.
Earth is woven into the entirety of astrology, in a subtle “read between the lines” way.

It was just a clever thought that came into my head. I thought it would make you laugh. That's a really thorough answer, though. I admire your dedication. Thanks. lol.


xD I was quite amused, yes! 

If you have anymore, please send them my way. :3

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What signs are the most likely to be depressed? And which are least likely to be?


depression is a disease, its an illness… it would be the same as you asking me ‘what sign is the most likely to get cancer’,

its very wrong of us to use these words as adjectives or personality quirks. its offensive and insulting to people suffering these

Okay, I just need to really quick vent. So I thought I was asexual for a very long time because I felt no attraction whatsoever but as it turns out, I have this major crush on someone and it's so emotionally exhausting. I'm a Leo and he's a Scorpio so of course I never honestly know what's going through his head, he's been a little touchy lately but that's it, I've been texting him a bit more but not much. We also kinda held hands in a bus ride but he was holding someone else's arm. But idek.


Also, Leo and Scorpio, our birthdays are exactly 3 months apart, both on the 12th. And he’s so kind and caring and he’s attentive and he has waaay better memory than me and his intelligence is sky high. He’s also good at everything he does, I’m just kinda like a trash can next to him. And ugh, I’m not a typical Leo when it comes to crushes like I freak out whenever I’m around him and my hearts beats hard whenever I realize he’s in the same room as me.

He also has this deep voice, I hate that I have a crush but at the same time I just like him so much. I have a Virgo in Venus so obviously I’m shy as heck. Also, unlike my past crushes (2 total in the past) I feel calm around him and it’s comforting whenever we touch and I don’t feel this crazy feeling whenever I’m not around because just thinking about him calms me but I do miss him, god I miss him some days. Cause we only have one class together but we’ve known each other for 1 year.

So do something about it, silly goose!

Tell him you like him. Or drop hints! Flirt a little, see how he responds. ;)

If you want something (or someone), go for it. You won’t know that he likes you until one of you makes the first move, so why not do it yourself? :)

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I never go on Facebook.


But if you want to be friends: https://www.facebook.com/astrallcalli

And the AstralTwelve Facebook page automatically posts everything that gets posted on the Tumblr page https://www.facebook.com/AstralTwelve

I thought the same thing! I'm like "a time traveler?!" I hope they come back to explain! You gave a great answer, Calli!


Well thanks! I appreciate it. xD I feel like I’m a pretty good combination of imagination and logic. ;)

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You know, I am too. Lol.

I have no idea if they were doing it as a prank, or for a character for a story/rp, or what.

I figured, why not? And gave the most helpful and accurate answer that I could.

Maybe they’ll explain someday lol.

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Do you have posts on all those other versions of astrology, Calli? I never heard that they have astrology for every day events! Where the heck have I been?!


I dooon’t have any up at the moment, no. I’m still working on it in my “book” and I’ll post the stuff when it gets to a point where I’m sure I can reiterate/teach it to all of you in an easily understandable, reader and beginner friendly manner. :)

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Hi Astral Loves. May I have some romance advice? I'm a Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon. My crush is a Scorpio. We have known each other on and off for a couple of years. I've liked him since day one. Every time we see each other it seems he's getting more comfortable but our communication is lacking. I'm shy when I'm near him. It seems he is too. He's talkative to my family. I feel bad we aren't the same. Though he has this stare when he looks at me. It's confusing. Any advice would be great! Thank you!


Honestly, you already know what the problem is; “communication is lacking.”

What you need to do is work on figuring out what you want to say, and then saying it. 

You can do that when you’re alone and mulling over it.

Try taking out a notebook and freewriting. Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, anything. Write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind for 5 minutes. 

Take a highliter, and re-read it. High lite the things you feel that he should know. 

On a new paper, write a bullet-point list of those things (in order of most to least important to you). 

Then, begin elaborating on each one. Explain, give background, whatever you gotta do.

If need be, reread and condense each again from there.

When you’re satisfied, and think you can grasp all that you want to say, say it!

Call him up, and use your paper as a cheat-sheet and more or less read it all to him, if it helps. :)

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