Im not sure if you still take suggestion for what kind of post we would be interested in knowing about but i have a interest relation to precious stones/rocks and each sign. I would find it interesting to read your thoughts and perspective :)

Hey! I actually did that. 

Right here:

And I’m always taking post requests. Sometimes they hang out in my inbox for a while (so I have a bad habit of not responding to them) because I want to hold on to them, so I don’t forget! 

I do end up cleaning it out every couple of months are so, and when I do that, any unfulfilled requests are all added to my To-Do list.

Anonymous asked:

I have trouble analyzing the influence of planets when it comes to analyzing them by sign or by the house they fall into. I mean the interaction between these two perspectives. Is the planet influence (according to the sign) restricted to the areas the house suggest? For example, does your Moon sign applies to your life in general or only in the house it falls into? Are the houses really important in this analysis?

Hey, friend! 

The planetary influence is definitely not limited to the areas of life ruled by the House it falls in. The House just indicates where our energy may be directed the most. 

The planets are the function. They’re the “what” in the Natal Chart. The Signs are the style of expression. They’re the “how” in the Natal Chart. The house is the direction of energy. They’re the “where” in the Natal Chart. 

By Sign, the Moon shows how we experience emotions and respond to our environment, and what our instinctual habits are, especially in our homes or when in private.

By House, the Moon shows which areas of our lives we feel most comfortable, or “at home,” or things that come most naturally to us.


Hello, Calli ! I have a little issue with my birth chart. My Lilith seems to have changed its position. It used to be in Aries, now it moved to Pisces, I mean since it’s a natal placement, I guess it isn’t supposed to change ? I checked for the other planets and they’re all in the same degree as before, nothing changed. Just Lilith ! Do you have any idea why this happened ? Thanks. x

Well, the cause is most likely because there’s actually four (five?) Liliths in Astrology! 

The difference is likely because some places use the “Mean” Lilith, whereas others use the True, or Oscillating, Lilith.

Anonymous asked:

okay how do people see me if i have aries in sun, aries in my 10th house, leo rising and leo mars, by that information alone. JUST WONDERING.

Well. Probably like Aries and Leo. ;) 

I’m really sorry. Answering questions like this take time. When I do this, I spend a lot of time thinking it over to analyzing in my head, and write lots to give the most accurate answer possible.

We have thousands of followers. If I answer this for you, I’d have to answer it for everyone. That’s only fair, right? 

But I really don’t have the time. I work full time, and if answering this takes, say, a half hour - and only 1,000 people ask for it - that’s 30,000 minutes. Aka, 500 hours. 20 days. If I just do that, and don’t eat, sleep, bathe, watch tv, read, write anything else, go to work, spend time with my boyfriend, call my mom, or any other human things. 

That’s why I have my store, though! It’s fair - you give me a little bit of money, and I dedicate time out of my life to sit, think, and write about you. If you request it, I can specifically discuss how people see you. 

Anonymous said: What placements or aspects would make someone want to donate to charity or volunteer? x


Sun/Moon/Venus/Midheaven in Virgo/Pisces/Aquarius

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Anonymous asked:

Thank you for the advice the other day, Calli! I reached out to my Virgo best friend gently like you had said. I offered an ear if she needed it. She was happy to hear it and wanted to catch up and get some stuff off her chest. It turns out there is a ton going on within the family at this time. I hope venting has helped her feel some relief from all of it! I kept it light hearted and we had lots of laughs!

Oh, I’m so glad that it worked out for you! Keep up the good work, my love, and I’ll be here if you should ever need me again. <3

Anonymous asked:

Can you do Most to Least Likely to Win a Fight?

That’s sort of not astrological - a very angry aries who’s physically weak can lose to a docile Pisces who works out every day 5ever. Ya know?

Anonymous asked:

MFK: Aries, Taurus & Gemini. Thanks!

Hey friend, check out the rules again

Anonymous asked:

When you did the fall and the determent, what did you mean by the actor is not well suited for the role

It was a running metaphor I was using, explained in a previous post. :)

More information is here:


About your book, maybe you could do some separate ones, but not too many, just keep it on ‘difficulty’ or how advanced it is. People who aren’t familiar with your work might need some easing into it. That’s all I can think of right now :)

Thank you for the feedback!  I’ll definitely keep that in mind. :3


Hi i am Leo sun (august 2 1994) Gemini in moon, Pisces in rising, Gemini in mars, and Virgo in Venus. I am wondering my love and compatibility with other signs in 2014? Any advice would be appreciated. :)


You can read your best match here, or purchase a Romance Reading from our store. :)

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I LOVE this site and think it’s highly informative, fun and interactive! But I’d really love to see Leo’s more forceful traits included as well not just their creative, loving, blah blah. They’re mighty LIONS. That’s why I firmly disagree with their Grasshopper description. It desperately needs Leo’s more forceful traits like: powerful/very strong, dominant, leadership, possessive, passionate, determined, etc.! But on negative side: aggressive, destructive, stubborn, arrogant. Please fix it!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 

I’ll be sure to include that in the future.

Yes, I received your email. 

I also encourage you to start your own astrology blog, or write about Leo in a book, or something to that effect if this is such a troubling issue for you. :)


How about a male Leo in a fight?

What about it? :)