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How does having a stellium in the 12th house affect my personality/life?

It’s coming up, eventually.

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Hi Calli!I am a Scorpio female and lately a colleague of mine(Taurus male) has been drowning me with overwhelmingly long & constant 2 to 2 hours text messages asking me how was my day,how was my “X” appointment & that he wishes to see me soon or meet somewhere to spend some leisure time together. Knowing him for 5 months only & being polite,wearing elegant mannered discussions&sharing occasional anecdotes maybe gave him the wrong interpretation.How can I discreetly show that I’m not interested?

Don’t talk back? If you don’t want to talk to him, don’t talk to him.

Otherwise, try not being discreet. Talk to him outright about how he feels, and about how you feel, and be open and honest about it.

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What if one planet (say Moon) falls in the 29°59°? Does that mean anything at all? Sorry if it was already answered! :~)

Everything means something. xD

0°01” is literally the “strongest’ placement. It’s the most “pure,” in a sense. As in, pure [insert sign here] energy. This is the beginning of said sign, and tends to be stronger/positive.

29°59 is then the “weakest.” This is easier to be affected by the rest of the natal chart, and may be weaker/negative. This is the end of the sign, when it’s energy is about to abdicate their influence to the following sign.

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Hi!!! Best match for a Sun Pisces, rising in Aquarius and Moon in Aries.

I’d suggest Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces.

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So with the duplicated houses would that mean you have characteristics of both?

Characteristics of both, what? 

Houses are locations wherein our energy is channeled throughout our life.

When we have “Duplicated Houses” It means they both begin in one Sign. Duplicated Signs cover extra territory, and therefore are more influential since they cover more areas of our life. They show the departments where we are stronger, and where things come to us more easily. 

That doesn’t have much to do with “having characteristics of both,” but the way in which they are being channeled. 

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i’m not the person who asked about the eclipses, but i’ve also been wanting to know. solar eclipse? and natal i think, if that means there was a solar eclipse during the time of birth


Hey Calli, I am the one who asked if an eclipse has any affect on your zodiac, and you asked me what kind was it, well it was a solar eclipse that happened. Also my rising is Virgo, sun Aquarius, and moon Pisces. Just finally got that cleared up.

Well, Solar Eclipses usually occur when the Sun and Moon are conjunct.

I mean - They are literally in the same place, so much so that the Moon even blocks out the light of the sun for a brief moment.

So there’s that-

However. individuals born during a Solar Eclipse (not just the day it happened, but the hour/minute) that it happened have a Partile (or exact) Conjunction, which makes it more intense.

Especially since it’s also then considered to be to be Cazmi.

Cazmi is when a planet is within 0º17’ of the Sun, and considered strengthened by the Union.

That all aside, being born during a Solar Eclipse often causes individuals come into their life charged with the intensity of, and perhaps shadowed by, eclipse energy. A lot is pent up, and often ‘blocked’.

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what sign would you say has the most passionate/matched sexual energy and intensity with another Aries. I know that’s vague… also I am in an aries x aries love match and he’s the best I’ve had !

Mars and Pluto are associated with Passionate and Sexual Energy.

So, being matched with Aries, Capricorn, or Scorpio will have that effect. :3

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How do you know if a house is intercepted?

Anonymous asked:

What does it mean for two signs to be intercepted? How do you know which signs are intercepted in your chart?

The post i just reblogged should answer both of your questions.


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What are intercepted/duplicated houses and how do you know if you have them?

Houses are Interesting, because they work slightly different from the Signs and Planets

The Signs are 30º portions of the Zodiacal Belt, where everything in that space is literally “in” that Sign.

So, a Venus in Taurus literally is within the 30º of Taurus.

Houses are slightly different.

A House is “in” a Sign, when its cusp (Cusp = beginning line) falls in a Sign.

However, the Houses vary in Size due to latitude and time of the year, so they are rarely all 30º in size.

This means one house can occupy a small portion of a Sign, or expand to multiple Signs. 

.This is when Intercepted and Duplicated House occur.

Here’s an example:


The Signs are the big chunks n the middle ring, with the colored Glyphs on them.

The Outer numbered ring represents the Houses.

If you look at the Seventh House, you can see that both the Seventh House Cusp (beginning) and Eighth House Cusp (beginning) are in Aquarius. 

So, this chart would have Aquarius and Leo Duplicated (remember, it’s all symmetrical) as well as First and Second Houses, Seventh and Eighth Houses Duplicated.

If you look at the 5th House, you can see how it completely encloses Leo. the Fifth House Cusp (beginning) is in Scorpio, and the Sixth House Cups (beginning) is in Capricorn.

So, this chart would have Gemini and Sagittarius Intercepted (remember, it’s all symmetrical) as well as Fifth and Eleventh Houses Intercepted.

Reblogged from The Astral Twelve

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What exactly is a “talent triangle”? I have been told I have one with these aspects below. How do I interpret it? •Neptune (H2-Sag) sextiles both Pluto (H12- Libra) & Mercury (H3- Aqua). •Pluto trines Mercury. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous asked:

In regards to asking about talent triangles: Oops. My Mercury is in the 4th house not 3rd.

I’ve never heard of a “Talent Triangle?” I mean, it sounds like almost a Grand Trine, but with a third Sextile rather than a third Trine.

Where did you come across that? (Why are you asking me instead of the author/individual who spoke of it?)

In which case, I’m sure it’ll be similarly interpreted. I mean, “talent” implies skills, ease of energy between the planets and houses, and so on. :)


Your theme is so cool! Sometimes I have so much fun scrolling and watching the icon spin I forget what I was looking for.

Lol! Thanks, I fucking love it too. XD


I am pretty sure the friendship between a Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo goes something like this: Gemini is skipping along tearing paper and throwing the pieces behind them one by one. Virgo is behind collecting the pieces as they are being thrown, when Sagittarius comes and grabs the pieces from stressed Virgo, relieving them, just to throw the pieces in the air as confetti. Maybe I feel this way because I am a Virgo with only Gemini and Sagittarius friends but that’s just my perspective..

Lol! I think this could be pretty accurate. :p


Calliii, if you don’t mind I could really use some explanation or advice or something now if you are able to give it. I’ve tried talking with that Aqua guy this week and he seemed very distant and wasn’t putting any effort in keeping the conversation going. so I stopped talking to him and then I hadn’t heard from him at all in days. So I just decided to ask him if something was up. (Because I got the feeling he wasn’t really enthusiastic about talking to me, but I didn’t mention that). 1/2

2/2 And he said nothing was wrong. But his answers were short and he went offline right after. Which, for me, only confirms the idea I have that he’s not really enthusiastic about talking to me. And now I basically feel like crap because I feel like this all started ever since we went to the movies this saturday D: (Or maybe a few days before that too). I really don’t know what to do with him anymore now. >.<

Of course, I don’t mind!

And I’m sorry, my love. Try giving him some more time; a week or two. Then call him up and ask to hang out, or just to talk and see what’s going on. 


Hey! I was wondering if I could get your advice?I’m an aries sun with a scorpio moon. My scorpio sun gem moon bestfriend randomly stopped talking to me about 3 months ago and recently over the past few weeks I started getting worried because I was in the hospital (psych ward) and tried to call her from the hospital phone and she hung up on me. I tried calling again after I got out and she just ignored me. I started getting really upset and kept calling( over 100 times over 2 days) her (cont.)

nd at that point I just wanted a response or a answer even if she said “stop calling” but she didn’t she ignored every single one at first I throughout she might have been busy but then I tried messaging/calling her on Skype a few days later and she deleted me. Do you think that the friendship is over? I didn’t do anything to betray her or hurt her before the calling. I even tried emailing her and she hasn’t told me why she’s not my friend anymore. all I wanted at first was to be friends (cont.)

again asap so that I could hangout with her on my bday coming up :/ do you think theres any chance of us being friends again. also do you have any advice for the situation?

I think she’s either hella busy with something else, or trying to tell you (without actually telling you?) that she doesn’t want to be friends anymore.

I’d suggest giving her some time and stop blowing her up. That’s not helping anything; probably having the opposite effect.

Give her a couple weeks, then call her and explain that you just want closure. Sit down and have a talk with her about what’s going on with her.

But do not push her, it won’t help anything

I never got part one! :(

I never got part one! :(

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