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how would the signs act if they were strippers and what would be their main song to dance to is?

They would probably act as individuals to disrobe for profit? And their main song would likely be one that they, personally, as an individual, have a preference for. :)

While I appreciate your support and recognize your request, I will not be posting about this. I’m sorry!

Anonymous asked:

My friend is a Pisces with a Sagittarius moon and I’m a Libra with a Taurus moon. Describe how our relationship should be?

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In Your Opinion What Is The Personality Of Someone With Scorpio Sun,Leo Moon,And Virgo Rising?

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Anonymous asked:

hi there, sorry if you’ve covered this before but i searched the blog and i didn’t find much. i was wondering what signs are generally optimistic and which are pessimistic. i know sagittarius is definitely the optimist and capricorn seems pessimistic, but how are the others inclined? (particularly I’m curious about virgo and pisces) thanks!

I think this is what you’re looking for. :)

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Did you ever keep a journal with the transits and its aspects to your natal chart and tried to interpret how they affected you? Do you have any tips how I could start my own? :) And what are the best resources to use? :) sorry about all the questions. Enjoy your time with the family! Love X Franka

I did not. I find forecasting interesting, but I don’t rarely apply it to myself, oddly enough.

If I were to do so, here is what I would do:

  • Upon waking, describe my first mood/emotion.
  • At the end of the day, discuss an overall theme/pattern/feeling. Trying to be as fair as possible, and not just focus on how I feel at the very end of the day - but all I felt throughout the whole day.
  • Then I would look up the current transits in aspect to my chart, and see if there’s any correlation. 

Thank you for your thoughts! <3


I was looking through the cross-compatibility examination chart thing and I was curious. You put Masculine & Feminine as good as well as Masculine & Masculine. But Feminine and Feminine as difficult. Why? What’s the reasoning behind it? I can get the opposites attact thing but why do only masculine and masculine work out and not feminine and feminine? And why specifically for cross and not linear.

Quick reminder: Feminine is analogous to Introverted. Not girly. (just making sure there’s no misunderstanding there)

With one person who’s very introverted in their outward expression, and one who’s very introverted in their emotional state, they both may find it extremely difficult to reach each other. Not only to break out of their own shells, but to break into the other’s.

HOWEVER. I never said “only masculine and masculine” work out. I labeled it as “Difficult.” as in - challenging. It will take more work and effort than those listed above it, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Just that it may feel difficult to relate to one another in that specific area. 


Lol, my boyfriend keeps getting hotter and sexier with age. (Or I might be getting more attracted to him everyday). My question is: What signs/placements will make a person get more handsome with age :) For example is the natal Ascendant involved or the progressed Ascendant, or certain planets or signs?

Nah, that’s not really Astrological. :) It’s more hereditary, and life-choice dependent, and subjective. :)

Anonymous asked:

Would Cancers be great rulers? Like a good queen or king? Thank you!

I think every sign, Cancer included, could do well as a Ruler, if they expressed their positive traits more than their negative ones. :)

Anonymous asked:

What else rules love besides venus?

The following influences romance, which include (but isn’t necessarily limited to):

  • Sun Sign & House
  • Moon Sign & House
  • Venus Sign & House
  • Mars Sign & House
  • Jupiter Sign & House
  • Neptune Sign & House
  • First House & Ascendant Sign
  • Fourth House & Imum Coeli Sign
  • Seventh House & Descendant Sign
  • Tenth House & Midheaven Sign
  • Part of Love, Part of Lovers, Sex Drive, Part of Marriage, Part of Marriage of Men, Marriage of Women, Part of Partners, Part of Weddings
  • Vesta Sign & House
  • Eros Sign & House
  • Psyche Sign & House
  • June Sign & House
  • Ceres Sign & House

Anonymous asked:

I saw that you explained what it means when north and south nodes are in duplicated houses. But what do they mean if they’re in intercepted houses/signs?

They become more challenging. 

The balance between underdeveloped and overdeveloped is broken (like power lines going down) so the difficulties become more exaggerated.

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Anonymous asked:

You want us to send out text convo here right?

Nope. :) Submit it to the main blog, since that’s where they’re posted. :)

Anonymous asked:

Hi! :) could you post here all you have about saggitarious- leo compatibility? Thanks :)

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That “new-astrology” site. Why do so many people use their point system for matches and horoscopes? What do their points even mean, and how do they derive them? Why do I have a -539 while my friend has a 4307?

I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. :(

Anonymous asked:

I’m a Leo with Scorpio moon/cancer rising and my friend is a Scorpio with Aries moon/Leo rising. I am very emotional and live out my emotions while he feels the need to always control his emotions although sometimes I can see his emotions are strong. We often have fights because of this. I feel it’s hard to communicate. Do you have any advice? Or what more I could look at astrologically lot to get a better understanding of him?

Well, what causes the fights?

It seems that you may (or may not, I could be wrong) try to push him into living his life, and expressing his emotions, the same way you do. 

And while it may be for kind reasons, you still should respect his choice controlling his emotions. He may have very good reasons behind it. 

You could try sitting down and having a calm and friendly conversation about it; express why you push, and ask him why he controls his emotions so tightly.

It’s perfectly fine to live via emotions, but communication is best when both people remain calm and cool during it.

You may want to look into both of your Mercury Signs, as Mercury (among other things) deals with communication.