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I had a psychopathic Capricorn fall for me. Capricorn males are often drawn to me because they find me to be interesting in a nontypical way, but mostly because I’m a challenge. He had a tendency to manipulate people but I saw through it. Nonetheless, I was intrigued by his mind and desired his friendship. Until he drugged me, molested me, and cut off communication. I love capricorns, but this guy was a little too much. I just thought is share for interest. His moon is also in Capricorn.

I… don’t think you should classify those actions as “Capricorn” actions. Shit like that is more like “a psychopath did this” rather than “a Capricorn did this.” Yeah, he was born while the Sun and Moon where in Capricorn, but there’s also something very wrong with his brain.

I’m so sorry that happened to you. If you EVER need anyone to talk to, I am and always will be here for you. 

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So Idk if its just these Libras aka my mom and boyfriend , but why do Libras get mad at their partner if they are talking to the opposite sex but its ok for them too.. It makes no sense. idk but i could be wrong, by referring to all libras.

Okay, this is an observation of mine, and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt.

Anyway, a couple years back, I got out of a relationship with an Aquarius (Moon/Venus in Pisces) around the same time my bff got out of a relationship with a Gemini (Moon in Taurus). 

We noticed that both of them were just like you described - they did not like us talking to males, but they both freely talked with females. 

What we concluded, was that Air Sign Men (may be females, I’m not too positive) absolutely demand their own freedom, but don’t as readily grant their significant others the same freedom.

One way to look at it, is that Air Signs kinda float above everyone else, and therefore have to look down on us. They can see the “wrong” things their partner does, but don’t really think they’re doing anything wrong.

Another perspective, is that they know for certain they will maintain their own standards, but doubt other people will. So, they have to make sure their significant other does, and don’t have to worry about themselves. Like, Libra’s know they’re committed to their significant other. But they’re not sure if their partner is committed to them - so they have to make sure!

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i’ve heard that libras tend to be more artistic in terms of what they do and what they’re interested in. i only see art as a hobby, and i have a deep passion for more academic things like science. is this a normal libra trait?

That’s not necessarily what it means -

Libra’s artistic nature is that they see beauty and art in everything. Science included! They could feel the same way about science as an painter could feel about their freshly adorned canvas. That it’s full of beauty, grace, wonder, and grace. 

Not that Libra’s are limited to purely “artistic” careers; just that they approach things (science inlcuded) in a more “artistic” way than others.

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Could you elaborate more on the ring cluster in (sign)? I’m very interested. Something I read about the ring is that it would even out the tides, unlike the moon.

It really depends on the Ring, to be honest. If it’s perfectly uniform, there won’t be anything for it to be “in,” because there’d be nothing to track. It’d be one solid structure.

What I meant by the cluster, is that there is a chance that a few of the asteroids (rock chunks, whatever) are clumped together by gravity or electric fields. 

So, Ancient Man would track those irregularities, names them, give them lore, and Astrological Meaning.

I honestly don’t know about it evening out the tides - though it makes sense (again, assuming the Ring is completely uniform).

This is all hypothetical, though. I’m in no way an Astronomy expert. ^-^”

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Hello :) I had a question I’m a cancer and I have always liked this Capricorn guy he admitted to me that he has had a crush on me for a long time. But I didn’t know what to say,so I just said that it was a surprise to me which it was,and that was the last thing I said. This was a few weeks ago and I want to talk to him again to tell him how I felt but I don’t know if I should or how to since I didn’t tell him then. Also is it common for capricorns to say how they feel? Love your blog btw

It’s actually very difficult for Capricorn’s to say how they feel. They prefer logic, and emotions are often too messy for them to pay much attention to. 

I highly suggest you call him and/or invite him to lunch during which you openly tell him how you felt, and how you currently feel.

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Do you remember why you first began studying about astrology? How were you able to obtain all this info?! Do you take any classes or just read articles/books you found at the library? *sorry for all the questions* it’s 1am and my mind is all over the place >:D

It was actually funny. In my sophomore year of High School, I had a little notebook in which I wrote everyone’s Sun/Moon/Ascendant. I didn’t really understand it much, but it was fun to look at lol.

Then I started printing out peoples’ Natal Charts (from Cafeastrology) towards the end of that year, and the beginning of my Senior Year. Again, kinda over my head, but I was starting to get it. I’d go the Library during my Study Hall and google things and print it out and just read and read and read. 

During my freshman year of college, people would congreate to the table I’d be eating my lunch at to ask me questions. “Do mine! What am I?” “Would whatever I am go well with this?”

That’s when I started up a Astrology blog on Tumblr. Just about my sign (which at the time I believed to be Pisces lolololol). People would ask questions, and I’d answer. If I didn’t know, I’d start researching. Then report back. 

And that’s sort of been the rhythm of things.

I get curious, so I research, and investigate. I talk things out with my significant other, everyone who I know always ends up saying “Can you do mine? Can you do my ex boyfriend? Can you do my crush?” etc. 

My skill and knowledge is always been challenged or honed in some manner or another. ^-^” 

Yeah. XD 
From what I’ve ready, one theory is basically that a “refrigerator-sized” asteroid often circles the earth but in a very erratic course. 
The other one is Waldemaths moon? i can’t remember specifically the spelling and I’m on my phone but I posted about it on the Lilith thread on the astrologers cafe forum (astrology basics thread). Anyway this theory is that there’s a distant and small glob orbiting the earth that’s more dusty and light absorbent than the Moon, hence it being difficult to see.

Yeah. XD

From what I’ve ready, one theory is basically that a “refrigerator-sized” asteroid often circles the earth but in a very erratic course.

The other one is Waldemaths moon? i can’t remember specifically the spelling and I’m on my phone but I posted about it on the Lilith thread on the astrologers cafe forum (astrology basics thread). Anyway this theory is that there’s a distant and small glob orbiting the earth that’s more dusty and light absorbent than the Moon, hence it being difficult to see.

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Hi, this isn’t a question pertaining to my sign or birth chart or anything, but rather I’ve been wondering: Hypothetically-speaking, how different would astrology be without the moon and instead a ring (most likely rock) encircling Earth? Do you think the ring would have any astrological effect at all? And what if we had two moons? How do you think they’d play into astrology?

Brilliant question! Thank you. 

Back in the day, there were only Seven Planets - those that were observable to the eye.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Sun was the sun - the light of our lives, and the Moon was it’s companion. Mercury, Venus, and Mars were considered “wandering stars,” because they appeared like other stars, only they moved much quicker (and occasionally moved backwards).

(image source)

First of all, we gotta start from the ground up. Well pretend the Ring is “above” the Earth’s Equator. The sky would look like this:

(image source)

(Greece/Egypt would closest resemble the Washington DC one)

If there was a Ring around the Earth, it would gain lore. Much like the Seasons, and the rising and setting of the Sun do. Man would ask - what is it? How did it get there? 

Maybe they would think that it’s the plains on which the Gods exist - or maybe it was the dancing energies of spirit’s deities. 

Whatever they decided - they would still watch it. And watch, and watch, and watch. They’d notice slight movement, and then they’d notice patterns, and they would track it. Much like they did with the wandering stars, and the sun, and the moon. 

Maybe there’s a certain cluster that revolves around the Earth and is noticeable - they’d track it’s motion, and it would be said “I have a Sun in Aries, [ring cluster] in Leo.”

It would probably acquire different meaning than the moon. The Moon is associated with Emotions and depth, because of it’s shifting cycle (I think, I can’t say for certain, but for the sake of this theory, we’ll go with that.)

The Ring would probably have shifting lights, too, because of Earth’s Shadow (hell, maybe that’s what they’d track), but not the same way as the Moon. Maybe the Moon would represent not, the emotions in our soul, but the brightness of our Spirit. Hell, the Sun (with it’s constant ups and downs) might have meant our Emotions, instead! 

(image source)

(image source)

(image source)

Alright, so - people already think that there’s two moons. We’re going to ignore that, and skip right to the What If game of “Yes, we have Two Moons, and have known so since forever.”

Once again they would get lore, and be observed, and tracked.

Each would gain it’s own separate Astrological meaning. I believe that the second (farther away/smaller/darker) Moon would come to mean the same as one of the Liliths does:

The Moon represents personal, subjective feelings, the Second Moon would probably represent a primal, objective, impersonal instinct that seeks identification beyond the physical and emotional realms. 

The three Luminaries - Sun, Moon, and Second Moon - would probably have the same implications as the Id, Ego, and Superego do. The Second Moon would be our Id, the Moon would be our Ego, and the Sun would be our Superego


I REALLY enjoyed this question, and if you have anymore, keep them coming. 

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You may have answered this already, but how do I find out my moon sign?? Please and thank you! :)

Hi! Follow the instructions on the page linked below. :)

(This is the second item on the FAQYou can also Search for things, by clicking the “Search” icon on the left side of our Main Blog, or by going to: The “Google Custom Search” bar at the top of the Askbox also searches through the entirety of both blogs!

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I wish I had a different sign for my moon! I guess I’ll never know when my moon sign kicks in cause Ill still be a Sagittarius (sun/moon in sag xD) but like you said it’s all about our personality

Lol! Who you want to be is completely up to you. Astrology says which traits you’re likely to develop, but not which traits you’re limited to. \

Think of it like your Toolbox. Some things will be natural to grab - a hammer to bang a nail into the wood to the other wood so they stay together.

However, you could also use a screwdriver and a screw to hold them together. 

Or industrial strength staples. 

Or wood glue. 

You have lots of options, if you so choose to sit and think about it instead of just instinctively grabbing the hammer.

You’re a Double Sagittarius - but that’s not all you are. Sagittarius is what comes easiest to you, but lots of other traits are available too, if you explore your options. ^-^

Anonymous asked:

So at what ages is the moon strongest, I’m a 19 yr old Aries Leo rising with scorp moon and I feel so much like a Scorpio most of the time, like im not completely introverted like I do go out a lot still and have a ton of friends but I need space so much of the time and I’m very jealous and I guess I have very strong emotions like I describe myself a Scorpio much more and I don’t like it cause I have a lot of conflict wih myself :(:(:(

It really depends on the person, honestly. It usually happens when you “reach maturity,” which (as we all know) happens at various times for various people. 

For myself (Aries Sun, Leo Ascendant, Pisces Moon what what) it began on my 19th birthday, but didn’t really “finish happening” until that fall. 

Other people took less time; some take more. It really depends on your life situations. 

Anonymous asked:

Hello ! Could you please explain the relationship between the sign in venus and the signs in the “relationship/sex” houses (8th and 12 I think?) Which one pertains more to the person? Or do the houses explain the sign in your venus more…? #Confused

There’s a buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunch of stuff in the Natal Chart that impacts relationships, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Sun Sign & House
  • Moon Sign & House
  • Venus Sign & House
  • Mars Sign & House
  • Jupiter Sign & House
  • Neptune Sign & House
  • First House & Ascendant Sign
  • Fourth House & Imum Coeli Sign
  • Fifth House
  • Seventh House & Descendant Sign
  • Eighth House
  • Tenth House & Midheaven Sign
  • Part of Love, Part of Lovers, Sex Drive, Part of Marriage, Part of Marriage of Men, Part of Marriage of Women, Part of Partners, Part of Weddings
  • Eros Sign & House
  • Psyche Sign & House
  • Vesta Sign & House
  • Juno Sign & House
  • Ceres Sign & House

None are more important than the other. Everything blends together in forming who you are. :)

Anonymous asked:

Five liliths in 6th house Gemini? What? My world is expanding! Did you want degrees or what? Sorry I had no idea how clueless I am!

No, sorry. I mean there are five different Liliths.

When you did your chart, did it say “True Lilith,” “Mean Lilith,” or the “Lilith Asteroid?”  (They are the most commonly used ones)

Anonymous asked:

Calli, awkward libra sun/cappy moon here again! I’m 23 going on 24 this year. My moon in capricorn is at 2.28 degrees. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Hm! That is interesting. Not sure I can really declare anything as the “cause” at the moment. 

My assessment is that that trait is probably molded by your environment rather than your Birth Chart. :)


This might be a stupid question, but if sidereal astrology is about how the sky looks *from the Earth*, is there any form of heliocentric astrology? So, charts are calculated based on how the sky *actually* looks rather than how it looks from Earth? Because I feel like that would be cool; the astrology we usually use has to do with the Earth’s influence on us, but I feel like this would be our souls *without* Earth’s influence… or is that what Draconic is?

This is a great question! 

First of all, no, that’s not what Draconic Astrology is. 

Draconic Astrology is an alteration of your Natal Chart, based on the position of your North Node, based on Absolute Longitude.

Absolute Longitude is sort of like Military Time. 2200 is 10pm. One is more specific, and the other one is used more frequently, and a little easier to use.

Absolute Longitude is a conversion of each degree of the Zodiac to the 360 total, with 0 being 0° Aries and 360 being 30° Pisces. For example;

  • 17° Aries is 17° Absolute Longitude.
  • 8° Taurus is 38° Absolute Longitude. 
  • 22° Libra is 202° Absolute Longitude.
  • 28° Aquarius is 328° Absolute Longitude.

So, Draconic Astrology converts everything to Absolute Longitude, then subtracts the Absolute Longitude of your North Node from everything else.

If the North Node has a larger Absolute Longitude than the one it’s being subtracted from, and therefore yields a negative Absolute Longitude, then it just moves backwards. Here’s an example;

  • North Node is 8° Gemini -> 68° AL.
  • 17° AL - 68° AL = - 58° AL, or 302° AL (which converts to 2° Capricorn)
  • 38° AL - 68° AL = -30° AL, or 330° AL (which converts to 0° Pisces)
  • 202° AL - 68° AL = 134° AL (which converts to 14° Cancer)
  • 328° AL - 68° AL = 260° AL (which converts to 20° Scorpio)


I read a great article about that, though it kinda focuses on “Extraterrestrial Astrology;” which kinda walks through how to create a heliocentric (or even martian-centric) Chart. 

(Lots of stuff under the cut)

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